A Book that Changed My Life - 9 muses photo
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Pierre Bensusan's "The Guitar Book" reads more like the personal journal of an eclectic genius rather than the music/method book that it may seem. Between clefs and compositions, are essays on nail care, photography, and even step-by-step recipes of his favorite dishes. I came across this book in my teens at the recommendation of a teacher and despite years of playing music and the guitar, I found this man's methodology and philosophy so refreshing it was as if I were learning (and excited) to play all over again. To this day, when approaching the creative process, I channel his words and creativity to try and look beyond myself and those sounds directly around me.

I like to imagine they commissioned him to write a simple tab book on his most popular songs and instead he gave them this.

Check out his music if you don't play guitar or have an odd aversion to charming recipes for pumpkin soup, I recommend anything he has been a part of or created.

-Nicholas Finlayson, Memphis, TN