A Book that Changed My Life - 9 muses photo
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"Our leaders and mainstream media won’t tell the truth about climate change and we humans are dangerously close to extinction. What saddens me even more is that we are taking down other species with us as we cling to our addiction to fossil fuels and industrialized civilization.

“The Road” is an important book to me because it addresses how one could be in uncertainty in a beautiful, non-sugarcoated way. It doesn't hide the reality of what we might face when there is no longer a habitat for us to survive. As we move through these uncertain times I feel it helpful to grieve, reflect, but also celebrate the joys found in each day. “The Road” touches on all of this, leading the reader through a sort of end-of-days meditation. I love how this book is poetic with a steady pace.

One thing we are guaranteed in life is death. Regardless of the health of the environment we know our time is limited. Uncertainty is present everyday as we walk along our journey. This motivates me to live each moment like it could be my last. There is freedom when you can let go and learn from Mother Earth. We've been away from her far too long and it is time to listen."