A Book that Changed My Life - 9 muses photo
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"A 10-year-long conceptual theme in my artistic practice has basically been an attempt to quantify individual human existence.

In 2002-2003, I began contemplating the tie between a mental and physical self. The more similar a perception of ones self is to an outside perception of that self, the more "real" that whole self could be.

Then in 2007, I read the chapter, "Having An Experience" in Art As Experience by John Dewey. I stumbled upon the use of the word real as in "real experience." Dewey refers to this as a means for labeling situations and episodes. "In such experiences, every successive part flows freely, without seam and without unfilled blanks, into what ensues." (pg 36) The idea of experience, or a lifetime of experience, as a fluid whole changed my way of thinking - Humans have a singular train of thought that speeds around the brain creating polyps of repeated experiences and webs of associations connecting similar and new experiences to the next. Therefore time is directly proportionate to experience (or train of thought). A person will only become whole at the moment of death, when time in their perception ceases to exist.

My current 2013 artistic practice and general existence are still deeply influenced by these ideas. I have an innate need to fill my physical time and space with mental movement and momentum. I choose to do this by creating visual artwork of my philosophically insatiable train of thought and anatomical interpretations."