A Book that Changed My Life - 9 muses photo
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Have you ever had days where you failed at something and just didn't know why? You've had a super crappy day and you constantly look for ways to explain it. You forgot your wallet at home; damn, I'm so forgetful. Your boss gives you a hard time at work; I must really be on his bad side. You're constantly looking for logic in your failures.
That resonates with me. There is always the constant question of "What could I have done differently?", "How could I have done something so stupid?", "Why did this happen?", and I think the search for finding the logic in an illogical world is what draws me to this book. Colin searches for a way to give his life logic in an illogical world but to his benefit, it doesn't work the way he thought. His past relationships with every Katherine become mathematically derived in his head, as he searches for what he calls his "Eureka moment." It comes, but not in the same way you'd expect it to.
And I think we all search for that, in the end. This was a random book that was given to me by a co-worker and how serendipitous that I received it. In our lives, we all search for that little bit of logic in the world, but when everything is said and done, we must learn to let go and live illogically.