A Book that Changed My Life - 9 muses photo
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"On the surface, Temple Grandin has written a book about autism: how autism affects individuals, its limitations, it diagnoses, its controversies, and its many suggested treatments. It's also a book detailing her success (despite her disability) in a male dominated industry. Temple Grandin has designed over one third of the livestock handling facilities in the US, making the slaughter of animals as respectful and humane as possible. The book is less about Grandin’s autism or love of animals and more about how an individual sought to make a meaningful change in society and did. In her exploration and explanation of herself she reveals not only how each of us is different, but how we are also profoundly similar.

Dr. Grandin’s book encourages an examination into what makes us different and an acceptance of what we feel our strengths are, even if those are the same characteristics society stifles. Her point is that the world needs different types of minds. I better understand what it’s like to be a visual thinker now and I have a better grasp on how my own mind works. I realized I’d been pursuing jobs and relationships that did not embrace my strengths, but rather shone light on the “strengths” I was “supposed to have” but lacked. I can’t think of a book that changed my life in a more practical way or made me realize my unique potential."