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Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

"I picked up a copy of Persepolis during college after a trip to the bookstore, "Women and Children First." I was researching female comic book artists and writers at the time. I had never read anything by an Iranian author and knew little about Iranian culture. What I found reading this autobiographical story was a relatable tale of rebellion in the backdrop of unimaginable violence. Marjane, the book’s author, told a simple and beautiful story of growing up during the Iranian revolution and her struggle to find her identity within it. Through her experiences, I grew to learn the history of the Persian people and the transformation of their society during the 1980’s. I identified with Marjane’s spirituality and repulsion in the face of oppression. However, I could not even imagine the life of fear, destruction, brutality, and torture that befell her friends and family. Persepolis gave me a very different perspective of one of the countries considered to be a part of the Bush administration’s “Axis of evil.” This book changed my life because it opened my eyes to the life of a courageous Iranian woman. I’ve carried this story with me as a reminder to respect the experience of the immigrants and refugees I work for."