A Book that Changed My Life - 9 muses photo
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"I have always been a huge book nerd. When I was a little girl and all the other kids were playing outside, I was always the odd child out, content to remain indoors with my nose stuck in a book.

As an adult, I still read whenever I get the chance and this autobiography by Patti Smith really struck a chord with me. I am a writer, a creative (like Patti!), and they don't call us starving artists for nothing. In the book, she describes a real golden era of living in New York City when you didn't need money to make your dreams come true---all you really needed was your drive, talent, a bit of luck, and, most importantly, a soulmate to share the rollercoaster ride with. Despite all the bullshit and noise that has taken our society today so far from those ideals, I still very much believe in them and live my life accordingly. Patti had it right all along. She knew what was important."