A Book that Changed My Life - 9 muses photo
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"I remember when Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark came out as a child, they offered all three at my school’s library, but one could never check them out because of the looooong waiting list. They were the most popular books to read.

Some of the stories stick with me to this day, my fear of spiders spawned from the tale of a girl who woke up with a spider egg hatching from a pimple in her cheek. My favorite memories come from reading the book with all the lights off in my grandfather’s attic. He lived on a farm in a small town with many vacant acres of land. At night when our parents would go out to burn trash, my cousin and I would cuddle up and terrify ourselves with the stories until we were both screaming and running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

I akin my love for these books to the style of “Morbid Kitsch” I have created for myself over the years. As an adult I have a love for vintage monster music and enjoy djing in Milwaukee at my favorite bar Frank’s Power Plant. Today, my house is covered in vintage monster posters, taxidermy, clowns, oddities, and I believe that my weird love for the unusual would never have existed, if it wasn’t for that little girl picking up Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark."