A Book that Changed My Life - 9 muses photo
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The book I chose is, “Poems Of An Artsy Smartsy 10-Year-Old”. This book has changed my life in phases. As a child there were a few challenges that impacted my life. When difficulties would hit I would just bury the problem deep into my mind. I never wanted to see my mom stressed or sad, and no body needed extra problems to deal with. I would come out untouched. No matter how dark the sky seemed then, I could always find a spot the sun came through. My mother was a poet, who took me everywhere she preformed. So as a child I began to write. 'Poems of an Artsy Smartsy 10-Year-Old', is a book of fun poems I wrote as a child. Writing changed my life. Learning the art of creating in this form saved my life. A weird kid who was really quite and always smiling, learned to express themselves through poetry.

Now 18 yrs later, I reread the poems that a 10 year old wrote, and I smile. What does a ten yr old know about giving too much of yourself to someone else? What does a child know about mending a heart? The poem 'Colors', here you have something so simple (light) that is made up by so many other things (colors). Something so simple and something complex are exactly the same thing, it's beautiful. As adults, sometimes we can't allow ourselves to step back far enough to see that. That 1 thing must be that one thing, no way can there be several definitions or combinations of something to create this one thing, and have both parts be equally beautiful and equally significant.

In the past 18 yrs there were moments where I believed 'this is it'. That the best times of my life were going to be what was expected of me. By publishing this book, and choosing to return and finish down a path I detoured from for a moment, brought me back to life. Inspiring children to create and learn how to express, is saving my life. Seeing and hearing about children getting excited about a book that I put together, makes me so happy. Every time a child of color sees this book, and sees a face that looks like them on the cover, makes me happy. I want this book to build the self esteem of all children, who can't see their own beauty and self.